A fresh take on the J-1 internship and training program

If you are a full-time university student or an experienced graduate, you can participate in the J-1 internship and training Visa program in the United States. We will work directly with you to find a global career opportunity perfectly suited to your unique skills. We have many clients in a variety of industries looking for talented individuals just like you, and 100% of our open positions are paid internships.

Global Monday maintains a presence in universities all over the world. Ask your career placement office about us.

A better, simpler, faster J-1 internship and training service? Done!

Our J-1 visa program process is simple, clear, and transparent. We will tell you exactly what to expect from the very beginning so there are no surprises or misunderstandings.

Perhaps you’ve been told that procuring your J-1 Visa is a complicated process, or that it can take between 8-10 weeks. We are experts in international internship placement procedures, and we can guide you through the process step by step—usually in under 4 weeks’ time.

With Global Monday you don’t just get the bare minimum service; you get the service you deserve. This is your internship—on your terms.

Our J-1 Internship and Training Placement Service

Global Monday has different placement departments dedicated exclusively to matching international interns to American businesses.

Global Monday’s placement department is dedicated exclusively to matching international interns to American businesses. Our internships are well designed and structured to meet both clients’ and interns’ needs alike. We will match you with a company that is right for you and that you choose, not a company that we choose for you.

This is your career not ours; we already have a career and we love what we do!

Global Monday works with companies across the United States in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta and Austin, among others.

Global Monday works with companies providing paid J-1 Internship and Training positions across the United States in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Austin, and more.

Our clients are looking for professional, motivated and talented candidates who can commit to paid internship or training for durations between 4 and 18 months. Is that you?

We provide well paid, professional internships in the following industries:

We will help you find a hospitality internship that will develop your skills and enhance your career. We work with the nicest hotels, in the most beautiful cities, offering only the best positions.

  • Rooms division management in training
  • Front office (Concierge, guest services, reservations)
  • Food and Beverage
  • Culinary (Line cook, bakery, pastry)
  • Sales and catering
  • Events management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finances
  • Banquets

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Global Monday is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, south of San Francisco. We work with a lot of high-tech start-ups, and they are hungry for young, motivated designers and developers. If you’re interested in changing the world with code, then we can help you find a very rewarding information technology internship in an amazing company. Who knows? You could be a founding member of the next Uber.

Join a high-tech company!

Of course, Global Monday isn’t limited in our paid internship placement opportunities. We offer the kind of internship positions you dream about across a variety of industries, such as:

  • Architecture
  • Business Management
  • Communications & Media
  • Engineering
  • Banking
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Import & Export
  • Journalism & Media
  • Law
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Oil & Gas
  • Information Technology (IT)

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Direct enrollments – Self-placed J-1 Internship and Training visa program

Maybe you’ve already secured a J-1 Internship and Training in the USA with an American company. If that’s the case, we will provide a special service to manage all of the legal process and make it easy for you to apply for a J-1 Visa in your home country with high quality J-1 Visa sponsorship. Our program includes a detailed and personalized training plan, comprehensive emergency insurance, expedited processing, and dedicated support from day 1.

No matter what you may have heard, the J-1 internship process isn’t difficult. Let us show you how easy it can be.

Global Monday partners with designated U.S. Department of State sponsors of the Intern and Trainee categories of the J-1 Exchange Visitor program.

Thank you for choosing us!

Global Monday offers the absolute fastest J-1 Internship and Training visa processing for your internship program available in the United States. We work hard to show you we care about your placement, offering an all-inclusive approach, 24-hour guaranteed replies, and unsurpassed customer service.

We work with you, at your speed. This means a personalized approach to a comprehensive and professional internship in the United States. Start your placement process today.

What interns are saying about us

“Their Hotel Management positions are excellent. Global Monday’s J-1 Internship USA program has lots of cities and in different departments. They walked me through the entire process and made it easy for me to get an interview and a position at a great hotel in San Francisco”
Mark from the UK
“I had a great experience with Global Monday, they provided an outstanding J-1 Visa service, and I was amazed by how they were always available and willing to help!! They made the whole J-1 internship Visa process a lot easier and faster than other companies promised, and I would definitely recommend them to my friends.”
Natalia from Brazil
“Hello Global Monday, I wanted to thank you very much for all of your help and support during this process, without you I could of never gotten this amazing opportunity, I cannot express how thankful I and impressed on how Global Monday works.”
Nicole from Guatemala
“My experience with Global Monday was great! They are very friendly and clear in what you need to do and what you don’t need to. Furthermore, I could ask any question, in relation with the process, and they had a clear answer on it. So yes, I am very happy that I am working with Global Monday cause they give you their best.”
Jelle from The Netherlands
“My experience has been great, Global Monday helped me to get a Hotel Management internship in paradise – in sunny Florida, and my J-1 training is great! All services from Global Monday were great and the team was professional and very knowledgeable about everything from the early internship planning all the way to the J-1 Visa application process”
Mathilda from Sweden
“During my J-1 internship, Global Monday was very helpful. Every time I needed them for something they could help me as fast as possible. They just efficiently do their duties on validating your J-1 visa when you arrive at your training in the USA and you have to do some follow-ups in order to let them know that you are doing well.”
Sara from The Philippines
“I first found out about Global Monday through a friend, I was told they were really friendly and very efficient. They exceeded my expectations. It was a pleasure working with them to apply for my J-1 visa. I would highly recommend Global Monday.”
Francesco from France
“Thank you Very MUCH for the help provided! You are an amazing company, which made my dreams come true!”
Konstantin from Bulgaria
“I had an extremely good experience with Global Monday. My J-1 visa was done in record time! Carlos was very available and responded promptly to all my questions. I am very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for great J-1 visa service.”
Beatrice from France
“Global Monday was truly the smoothest path for me sourcing my J-1 visa internship and allowing me to have the best year in NYC. Global Monday are such a great and support organization through the visa process. I am currently on a J1 with an amazing host company in NYC and they are the reason I was able to take this amazing year here. The service they provide such as prep for an embassy visit to get the visa, skype meetings to facilitate the visa application process and all round understanding that this can be a complicated process for someone who has not done it before.. they take the complicated out of it really and continue to check in every few weeks to make sure that their sponsors are happy and doing well while in the US. Soo grateful for their services!”
Tanny from N.Ireland
“I looked around several companies who would help me fulfill my dream of doing a internship in the States. Gladly Global Monday had everything I needed. Carlos and Galo made everything so easy and smooth, 24/7 answering my emails and always answering my calls via Skype. All the paper work was done immediately. I was shocked with the way they worked and how each day they gave me an update of how everything was going. Thank you once again, and from now on I will start recommending this services to anyone”
Juan Pablo from Colombia
“Global Monday is an amazing company! I couldn’t even imagine a better and faster service than what they offer. All the work is done extremely quick and professional. I am glad I use the services of this company and I will advise it to anybody who is planning to travel/study/work in the USA. Good luck!”
Daria from Russia
“Thanks to Global Monday I finally managed to get the internship in New York that I wanted for month! Carlos and Galo were always available and super friendly when it came to questions regarding different procedures. They would answer mails within hours and were more than patient with me 🙂 I am happy that I chose Global Monday as a company and would do it again anytime!
Thank you so much for your support and great help!!”
Laura from Germany
“I never thought the visa process could go this smooth and fast. Global Monday’s team is extremely on top of everything, they answer within minutes to any questions you may have. It was the best decision I made to go forward with Global Monday, I will continue recommending anyone to sign up. Thank you guys!!!”
Karoline from Norway
“Global Monday’s team has been so helpful and available 24/7. Although my situation may have been a little more nerve-wracking, he made the best out of it by supporting me all along. Even getting my visa just in time ended up working out perfectly. Thanks Global Monday for making this entire process so much easier!! See you in San Francisco sometime in the future :)”
Theresa from Germany
“Thanks to Global Monday, I’m having the time of my life in San Francisco, and I’m gaining invaluable experience that will help jumpstart my career as a software engineer.”
Camille from France
“The team at Global Monday are so amazing ! Professional, helpful and readily available 24/7. They made my visa process and transition to the States so smooth. Now I am having the time of my life all thanks to Global Monday!”
Chanelle from Canada
“Global Monday helped me to accomplish two dreams, to work for a cutting-edge startup and discover the US and particularly San Francisco. I was referred to Global Monday via a friend who suggested me to apply to their internship sponsorship program, which I did. The team at Global Monday was very helpful, they provided me guidance all along the application process, making it quite easy and fast. After I started my program, the team is still available to answer any question I have. I am now 3 months in my internship, it has been a great experience so far. I am thankful that Global Monday helped me achieve my goal and strongly recommend to work with them if you need to get sponsored.”
Palak from France
“Professional team, professional service!
Carlos and Galo, thank you very much for everything you did for me. 5 Stars for Global Monday :)”
Kemal from Turkey
“Finding a sponsor was very difficult for me but as soon as I get in contact with Global Monday, Carlos and Galo has been right there with me. They never for a sec leave me hanging. The service provided was very professional and efficient, readily available 24/7. All my questions and queries were answered the minute I asked them. I am grateful I got the opportunity to work with this wonderful company. Please do continue doing such a great job!!!!!!”
Stacy-Ann from Jamaica
“Global Monday is the best in the business. I would like to especially thank Carlos. They would reply within few hours of my queries regardless of the time difference. I did not find any negative aspect in their services. I recommend this highly professional team.”
Kabir from India
“Global Monday has been very helpful and professional!! 🙂 They are reliable and efficient with the whole process, from start to end. I definitely recommend their service to have an excellent abroad program with amazing companies.
Thank you Carlos and Galo :)”
Dominique from France
“Amazing! Carlos was always ready to answer my questions and take care of my doubt. Even after the whole process was done, he was interested in knowing everything was going well to try and make my experience the best it could be! Thank You!”
Daniel from Portugal
“I was impressed by the service that Global Monday provided. They made the visa arrangement process quick and easy and they were always there to answer all my questions. Thank you for helping me to renew my J1 visa thus giving me the opportunity to have another incredible year in the USA!”
Marta from Latvia

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