About Us

In a globalized world economy, we are the foremost organization connecting international students and young professionals to paid internships in major American cities for unique and professional work based experiences. By creating career opportunities for ambitious university students and recent graduates, we promote exchanges that dissolve cultural boundaries and improve understanding across international borders. This process of assimilation and interaction shapes the futures of both interns and host companies alike.

Global Monday brings a breath of fresh air to a stale and largely lethargic industry with high quality J-1 visa sponsorship. Through helping internship candidates align their goals with prominent businesses, we help build a better and brighter global community. Our commitment to pairing motivated young people with the companies best suited to their career advancement is unparalleled. The passion we have for the work is evident in our efficient and effective process, as well as our dedicated support.

Global Monday’s team is devoted to helping our candidates expand their knowledge in their respective fields of study by enhancing their careers with paid J-1 internships in the United States. Additionally, we zealously work toward helping American businesses get the best international interns to join their teams.

We believe our core values of good communication, customer satisfaction, high quality J-1 visa sponsorship, processing speed, support, and efficiency differentiate us from our competitors. Our focus on developing and maintaining a top-notch professional cultural exchange program has created a corporate environment that thrives on delivering world-class service every day.

When you choose to do business with Global Monday, you are partnering with a company who cares. We are continually focused on finding ways to support our clients and improve our programs.

What we stand for

Students and young professionals from all over the world
are looking for a work experience in the United States.

One person can make a company bigger.
One company can make a person bigger.
Together they can make the world smaller.

This is what we work for. Bigger companies in a smaller world.

Provide outstanding, personalized customer service, high quality J-1 visa sponsorship, operational efficiency, responsive communication (with a 24-hour guaranteed reply), a clear J-1 visa process, steady follow up, a comprehensive pre-departure orientation, and reliable in-country support.
Exceeding our clients’ expectations, providing positive career opportunities to international interns, and matching the best talent to our client companies.

Who we are

Carlos Galdeano
Carlos GaldeanoCo-Founder & Managing Partner
Carlos has spent most of his professional career in senior management roles at Educational and Cultural Exchange organizations. He speaks three languages fluently, has traveled extensively to over 45 countries, and is an expert in cross-cultural competence and J-1 visa sponsorship. He holds a degree in Business and Finance, with an emphasis in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism.
Galo Lopez
Galo LopezCo-Founder & Managing Partner
Galo’s professional career includes both senior management and business development roles in professional services, human resources, executive consulting, and recruiting firms. He loves traveling and has a strong foundation to understand cultural nuances in the global marketplace. He is very passionate about offering international candidates a high quality J-1 visa sponsorship. Galo holds a degree in Sociology, with a minor in Marketing.
Kayleigh van Houwelingen
Kayleigh van HouwelingenPlacement Manager
Kayleigh is an International Hospitality Management graduate from the Netherlands and a former J-1 intern. She did her internship via Global Monday in New York City, which allows her to relate to each candidate. She is strongly passionate about giving future interns the exact same once-in-a lifetime experience as that she had.
Karen Hilbes
Karen HilbesOperations Team Leader
Karen has 10 years’ experience in operations and marketing for J-1 visa, global education, and exchange programs. Originally from Germany, Karen has been living, traveling, and working out of worldwide locations for the past 10 years and had the pleasure of exploring 20 countries so far. She has the ability to conduct business virtually anywhere in the world and build credible connections across functions and cultures resulting in client praised customer service. Karen joined the cultural exchange force, because she wants to share her excitement for discovering the world and enable other people to venture off too. Karen has a B.Sc. in International Management.

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